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Am I Cursed

Maybe, Maybe Not

2018 has been an adventure for the first three months. I started off the year alright, but we quickly discovered that we were getting screwed with our TV and Internet service (AKA: somebody offered us a way better deal).

So we had a family meeting, which means as the person who pays the bill I decided and told the rest of the crew, that we were switching tv service. The only person this really effected was my husband because the rest of the family either watched Netflix or Hulu. Me, I hang out on Vudu. Because our internet was tied up with our TV we had to cancel everything and then restart the internet on its own bill. In theory this was a simple procedure. In reality when you speak to people who work in a country far far away from you things get lost in translation.

We ended up with almost three weeks of no internet, trust me trying to hotspot your computer with a cellphone for that amount of time is enough to make you want to poke your eyes out, to have the installer guy to come set up our new internet with a “High Speed” modem. The installer guy showed up after three different screwed up appointment, only to tell us that the modem he was going to install is exactly like the one we already had and all the people on the phone needed to tell us was to stick something straight in the reset hole and we would have internet. Three weeks with no internet for him to be in our house for five minutes!!

We survived the no internet episode and you would think my curse would be over. I was in the middle of a major rewrite of Studdin Axxel when my editing computer decided that the screen would just randomly stop working.

Solution. Hook it up to the 32-inch tv and keep on typing. After a week of this I finally called the insurance company to get it fixed. While I am on the phone with them, the screen just decides that it is going to start working again. Son of a Monkey’s Uncle!! Really? Just randomly start working.

Life is going along happily when my laptop said “Psych”, yes laptops talk and when they speak you really should listen, and stopped working altogether. I waited another week and tried to turn it on hoping that it was just playing possum. I was wrong. So very very wrong!! That hunk of junk would not turn on for anything. My life went down hill from there. I switched to my writing laptop in an attempt to finish Studdin’ Axxel. Epic fail. I ended up having to use my husbands laptop and then my daughter’s laptop. You would think that would be easy, but when you get used to your own stuff and how it is set up switching is not easy.

So the total count of dead electronics for me this year is:

  • One laptop
  • One tablet
  • One surface Tablet
  • One cellphone

I have used up all of my insurance for the year in the first three months and I have nothing to show for it, because everything is still off being repaired.

But on a good note Studdin Axxel finally did get completed and off to the editor who is in the middle of mid-term Hell. But it is still on schedule to be released on March 29, 2018 on Amazon so be sure to get your copy. After all it managed to wipe out a lot of electronics in my house. Maybe, that is just a sign of how hot it is??

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