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Short Romance Stories Alpha Male Book 3 Emma and Brody had been friends since they were in Kindergarten. When high school rolled around their feelings for each other turned into something more than just friendship. Their love was fast and furious, just like their relationship. All was going perfectly until an accident struck Brody’s family.


Meet the Men of Club Envy

Jericho Ryder was tired of the bookend socialites that partied at his club. A wink.  A flash of his wicked smile and panties would drop for him.  He knew that he could have any woman without exerting any effort. He needed excitement. He needed a challenge. He just didn’t expect it to walk through the doors of Club Envy. A goddess among mere women. He had never been with an older woman.  But like they say “Age ain’t nothing but a number” and she was number one in his sight.

Kellista Anthony was through with men. They were nothing but lying cheaters who used up the best years of a woman’s life and then they moved on to a newer, younger model. And what did she have to show for it? Stretch marks and gray hair.  All she wanted was a night out with her girls at Club Envy. A little dancing. A lot of alcohol and no men! The last thing she needed was a man trying to sweep her off her feet, especially not a younger man. She was not a cradle-robber. She was through changing diapers.


How could I resist her. She was everything a guy like me wanted in a woman like her. Beautiful, Sexy, Intelligent and she had a mean right hook. She was definitely a MILF! I have no problem dating an older woman. She might not be a cougar on the prowl, but I bet I could make her purr.


I don’t know what overcame me? One look from his sexy eyes and my body was on fire. I couldn’t resist his desire to extinguish it. I couldn’t even do like Jamie suggest and blame it on the alcohol.  All I could do was scream Jericho.


What a pleasant surprise July 25, 2017

This is my first time reading a story by this author. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It’s nice reading a romance story about a mature couple for a change. This story was well thought out and written, accurately depicting the anguish an older woman would have concerning an involvement with a younger man and the double standards society seems to present on the subject. The icing on the cake was the unexpected twist in the plot. Nice job!

I loved how Jericho knew when he first laid eyes on Kellista, he claimed her as his. He just had to persuade her of that fact and he did not stop until he did. His money did not impress her at all and he was impressed with her wanting to pay her own way. This was an unusual occurrence from Jericho’s norm, dealing with blood sucking gold diggers like Delicious all the time. All of the plotting and scheming did not keep them apart but pushed them closer together. Jericho had a need to protect Kellista and Kellista realized it was time to let go of the fear and grab for her HEA.

An enjoyable older woman/younger man romance! July 22, 2017
A pleasantly surprising read that I truly enjoyed about an older woman and a younger man, Jericho was a great introduction to Donna Mercer’s writing. Jericho could have any woman he wants, but when he meets Kellista, all he can think of is MINE. Will he be able to convince her that they are meant to be together or will forces around them keep them apart. Enjoyable story, sizzling chemistry, hot and steamy loving makes this story easy to read from start to finish. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Readers Copy of this book.
I was very much surprised how much I loved your book July 22, 2017
I picked your book because of the blurb I read. I was very much surprised how much I loved your book. I like the relationship between Jericho and Kellista. There was romance and hot sex and even a little bit of action. All that makes for a great book. I can’t wait for the rest of the series.